Feeling alright? Everything OK? What’s the matter?

Are you feeling alright? Is everything ok at home? What’s the matter with you? What’s up? Are you hearing these questions on a daily basis from family, spouses or colleagues? Have you answered them truthfully or are you lying? Stop. Take a minute and ask yourself:

Are you feeling alright?exasperated-woman

Its OK not to feel alright all the time, but if you haven’t felt alright for a while now (more than 3 days) maybe its time to talk to the Crisis Girls. Sometimes it can be too easy to say ‘yes’ to these questions, when the answer is something else entirely. When you’re smiling on the outside but dead on the inside, its time to call in some help. Specialising in all kinds of therapy; from personal counselling to a more general care package consisting of spa treatments, chocolates and shopping; the Crisis girls have the care and attention that you need to get you feeling just about alright in no time.

Is everything OK at home?

Sometimes home lifefrustrated_woman can get tough to the point where everything is simply not OK. Through the stresses of home-making and bringing up a family, it can be easy for relationships to fracture without either party realising. Before you know it, its been two months since you’ve said ‘I love you’, you’ve made spaghetti bolognese for eight straight days and the family PC’s internet history is putting the entire household to shame. There’s always a way out: call the Crisis Clinic Girls and they can get to the root of your creative cooking catastrophe, and put some decent security locks on your internet.

sad womanWhat is the matter with you? And just what is up?

A crisis can manifest itself in many ways; you could be 72 hours into the most important crisis of your life and not even realise: patiently packing your children’s school uniforms into the fire place and making breakfast for dinner without a hint of irony. If your family members or colleagues are constantly asking you what the matter is, or just what IS up – it might just be you. It can be too easy to forget about your own well-being when you’re so busy caring for others; so before you start whisking up pancake batter mix for the fourth time this week and sending your confused husband out for the third bottle of bankrupting maple syrup – put the mixing bowl down and call the Crisis Clinic Girls.