Wooden laminate flooring could be the answer to making you alright again…

apartWhilst working the stocks and shares in London; my colleagues and acquaintances would often ask me how I had the time for a full time high pressure job, as well as time to manage nearly a hundred rental properties throughout the London and Greater London area. Its simple really, I didn’t. Between working at least nine hours in the office, commuting, going out for dinner and all the staycations; there was simply no time to attend to the beck and call of the hundreds of tenants staying in my properties. As my time in the city started to take its toll on me, my email and voice mail in-boxes started to overflow with digital demands with the most outlandish of requests.

After a particularly trying long weekend in Sicily, I took some time out of my schedule to check through some of these messages. What I discovered was a litany of claims and demands for things like ‘modern double-glazing’, ‘competent central heating’, ‘hot water’, ‘less extortionate rent’ and ‘some form of carpet’. When I looked into a cost-benefit analysis of all these changes, I realised there was only so much I could really afford to do. After looking around I knew what I could achieve with the smallest investment that would have the biggest impact on my tenants.

I contacted a great firm called Finsa. They specialised in exactly what I needed to satiate my demanding tenants: quality laminate wooden flooring. No longer would they yearn after carpet; with a high end wooden-like finish they could marvel at luxury that they can walk on every day. The good men and women at Finsa were more than eager to sort out the delivery and fitting of the floor, and soon all 96 of my properties had been fitted top to bottom with some of the finest laminate wooden flooring that money could buy. Happy that my responsibility as landlord had been completed, I took a week off in the Philippines to recuperate.

U127-Luxury-Living-Room-Designs-titlepon my return, I was surprised to find not only my virtual in-boxes full, but my door matt also covered in real life letters. Swelling with pride, I went to open one and was surprised by the amount of threatening language I found within. It looks like some people just can’t be pleased and, more surprisingly, some tenants would rather be able to wash their children in hot water than walk on high quality laminate flooring indefinitely. Confronted by the wall of disapproval and anger of these communications, I felt like everything was not OK. So I made the only logical option: sold all my properties to the highest bidder, ejected the tenants and took the proceeding profits down to Torbay to buy the modest summer house that I live in now. After briefly considering re-flooring the living room with some laminate, I thought I may as well treat myself; there really is nothing like a thick luxurious carpet to make you forget about your problems.

Karen -x-