5 useful services that will make your problem ok

Sometimes you need a helping hand with getting things done.

We’re not all super-men and super-women.

When the worst happens, you should be prepared for every eventuality and that might entail calling in a helping hand from somewhere else. Don’t be a Proud Penelope and waste precious time on attempting to fix your pickle. If you’re facing an issue that is looking like it can’t be solved, then you should stop what you’re trying to do and simply call in a professional who can sort out your problem with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency.

Rug Doctor

Whether it’s a dinner party with clumsy guests or simply an attempt at decoration that went horribly wrong, the average home’s carpet can get well and truly soiled during it’s tenure. For the smallest of stains to the nightmare problems of red wine and bolognese, there’s now a solution to all your carpet related problems! You can buy or rent carpet cleaners through their site, as well as consult them directly on how to remove a particular stain.

Home Appliance Care

For every broken fridge, oven or induction hob that needs replacing, there’s a hundred men or more who think they can fix it – when actually they really can’t. Don’t let a stupid man get in the way of you fixing your precious appliances. Take action, skip the amateur handyman next door and call the people who know best. Home Appliance Care understand how to fix your appliances, because they’re owned by the companies who make them. They have the right spares for your model and trained technicians to fit them.

Mr. Handyman

On the subject of Handymen – if you’re going to hire a stranger to fix a leaky tap or fit a door, wouldn’t you rather you know that he’s experienced and vouched for by national standards? The hard working folks at Mr. Handyman have an average of ten year on the job experience between them. They’re trained in a wide range of activities and are fully insured, so you can rest easy whilst Gary is bleeding your radiators.

Johnson Cleaners

There can come a time when your weekly washing can feel like an impossible mountain to climb, an endless pile of underwear and t-shirts that refuse to be moved. When you’ve backed yourself into a corner and you literally can’t move for dirty clothes, then stop, drop and roll right away from that responsibility. Using their website you can check how far away your nearest location is or even order a pickup of your dirty curtains.

deVOL Kitchens

This last one might end up costing you a lot more than an arm and leg, but a girl can dream can’t she? We spend hours of our lives in our kitchens, regardless of whether you have children to feed or if it’s just our hungry selves! Shouldn’t the kitchen be a place that is just inviting and comfortable as your living room? If you’re thinking of investing money into your home, then your kitchen should be the first port of call. deVOL kitchens ooze style, usability and elegance. The may cost you a year’s salary, but they’re so worth it.