Who Are The CCG?

Karen Crisis – Home Keeping Helper

beautiful smiling girl with glasses line up coins in pillarsKaren spent over a decade enduring the brutal daily grind of the London Stock Exchange. A successful stock broker, rising through the ranks quickly, Karen was one of the richest financial professionals in the City, but had no idea that something was the matter. Seeking help from the original franchise of Inner-City Crisis Clinic Girls, Karen worked through her issues; stopped cooking bolognese and started living again. Leaving the city in favour of the West Country, she set up South Devon and Torbay Crisis Clinic Girls to help people like herself get on the road to feeling OK.

“My job was tough, the money was great, but I wasn’t alright – and no one could tell me that, apart from the Clinic Girls. Thanks to years of experience in the working word, I can help get to the route of your problems – so feeling OK will no longer be a distant unreachable dream.”

Kirsty Crisis – Fashion Expert

Spending over a year studying fPersonal-Shopper-01or her Foundation Diploma in Fashion Design, Kirsty is one of the most experienced and trusted personal shoppers in the South West area, under the age of twenty. Not being alright is something that she’s dealt with a long time, having troubles being OK during her teenage years. Despite battling the issue of something being the matter, Kirsty has turned her problems into a motivation to help others. Driving her career with her unique style and personality, she understands the therapeutic value of make-overs and shopping better than anyone. From the humble browse through John Lewis to complete wardrobe replacement, there’s a day out to fit everyone.

“With busy schedules and an always-on work ethic, it can be too easy to forget to shop. I found myself going to College one day wearing jeans I had worn for the past three days; that’s when I knew something was the matter. Thankfully, I learnt to help myself and now there’s nothing more I like, than to get out there and help other people!”

Katherine Crisis – Family Counsellor
counsellorThree times married, with four children, resident American Katherine knows a little thing about the family dynamic. After the breakdown of her second marriage, Katherine decided to seek counselling from a Crisic Clinic team in Los Angeles – her positive experience there led her to pursue a career in therapy. Fifteen years later, after going back to high school, then off to Stanford to complete a degree and then a doctorate, followed by five years of clinical experience – Katherine felt at home with her own feelings, and just about OK to return to her now estranged spouse and kids. She lives in Torbay, helping others to enjoy the family life that she escaped for years.

“Being OK with your husband, wife, or kids can be a real challenge. Sometimes it takes years of academic research, significant withdrawal of education loans and a couple of failed marriages to come to terms with being alright. Now I am, and I’d like others to be too. I have the answers to your burning questions about self-fulfilment, you’re next fifteen years could be so much different!”